Multihand blackjack

If you enjoy playing a variation of blackjack, then you will love Multihand Blackjack. The basic rules are the same as in regular blackjack, but the dealer goes first. If he has a total below 21 he must stand, or he will lose the bet. If he has a total above 21 he must pay out the player's bets. Players who have a higher value than the dealer's will receive more money. The dealer must stand if his hand is 21 or less. The player can choose to Double Down, where he will double his bet and draw one more card.

Multihand Blackjack can be played on one hand, two hands, or three hands. You can stake from one to a hundred credits, and you can bet different amounts for each hand. In this game, any win is worth one credit. The dealer must stand on a seventeen or higher, and a win of 21 is a push. Otherwise, the game is a tie. In this case, you will be paid the amount you bet.

If you are a beginner, you should learn the rules and strategies of Multihand Blackjack. This game is similar to single-hand blackjack, but has more hands. The key to winning is to beat the dealer to 21 without going over 21. In this game, you are allowed to play multiple hands, each of which can have different bet amounts. The stakes can range from one to 100 credits per hand. The payout for an ordinary win is 1:1, while a blackjack pays three times its value. Likewise, a push means that you get the same score as the dealer and that you lose all of your bet.

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