3 genie wishes

If you're looking for a new online slot machine game to play, then 3 Genie Wishes is the perfect choice. It offers the classic elements of a slot game, but adds an interesting twist that will surely win you lots of cash. With its mystical theme and three magical genies, this slot machine is sure to become one of your favorites. There are 50 paylines, and the best symbols are the wilds. Matching five of these symbols will give you a prize of 2000 coins.

The background for this slot is Arabian-inspired, with a background track that has a feeling of enchantment. The gameplay consists of five reels and fifty paylines, and features many symbols inspired by the fairy-tale tale Aladdin. The bonus rounds will trigger the free spins feature. If you get lucky, you may even hit the life-changing jackpot of 100,000 credits. This is a great opportunity to win huge amounts of money.

A familiar story, the Aladdin, is the basis of 3 Genie Wishes. The fairytale story of Aladdin has captivated audiences for many years. While the animated film has made the story more widely known, Pragmatic Play has recreated this story in a slot machine that employs both the original and cartoon versions. It's an addictive, high-variance slot that will have you losing yourself in its whimsical atmosphere.

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